How We Help


Due to the complex and ever-changing nature of digital assets, it is essential that your staff obtain continuous training. Our training modules are designed to give you a solid grasp of the basics of blockchain and then build on this by adding more complex topics.

Our trainings are aimed at professionals and address areas such as KYC/AML, ownership, accounting and other concerns you’ll face in dealing with clients in the digital asset space on a daily basis.

Vendor Due Diligence

More to than in any other industry vendor risk management in key in the digital asset space. Exchanges and custodians control private keys and a client faces significant risk should the wrong vendor be chosen.

We perform detailed vendor due diligence assessments covering security, operations and regulatory risks amongst many others. Our team is highly experienced in reviewing vendor controls (SOC1/2 reports) as well as cybersecurity and other controls.

Project Assessments

As an investor or director of a fund investing in digital assets you want to have the peace of mind to be able to say you performed a thorough review of any token or project before investing in it. As part of our project assessments we perform a detailed analysis of the project.

We look at the following amongst other factors:

  • The team
  • Tokenomics/Staking
  • Governance
  • Milestone analysis
  • Wallets
  • Digital Asset interactions
  • Liquidity and Volatility
  • Community and
  • Code review of open-source repositories

Digital Asset Monitoring Services

As an investor or director of a fund investing into a specific asset you want to be aware of any significant changes in the operations of that digital assets. Our team has years of experience reviewing different digital asset projects and following and assessing their performance after launch. We track Github, Telegram, Discord, Social media and a number of other sources to deliver a report to you on the performance of the asset and any changes you should be aware of.

Director Assistance Services

As a director on a digital asset fund you may face challenges and questions you have never had to deal with before on traditional funds. As part of our director advisory services we assist directors to navigate all the challenges they may face in this space.

Additionally our experienced staff can also sit on the board of your organisation.

Policies And Procedures

As in traditional finance, well documented policies and procedures form the backbone of any company’s operations. The digital asset space however poses many challenges and new concepts such as custody of assets, staking or Decentralized Finance (DeFi) which you may never have had to write policies for before. We work with clients to create policies that are appropriate for the size of their organisation and practical to implement, while still taking into account all the risk and controls that are expected from a financial institution.

Risk Assessments

Digital assets pose unique risks and annual or more regular risk assessments shows that you are taking these risks into consideration and putting the necessary controls in place. Our team of experienced individuals will help you assess these risks and put in place controls that are right for your organisation.

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