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Why appointing a Independent Cayman AMLRO/CO is absolutely vital to your fund

As the Legislative and Regulatory bodies attempt to keep up with the explosion in the digital asset space by implementing Virtual Asset, DATA Protection and Anti-Money Laundering Laws, to name a few, it is clear that most funds cannot keep head above water as the demand for anti money-laundering /compliance officer specialists continue to grow. To adhere to the laws,

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Five Crypto predictions for 2021

  Twenty-twenty has definitely been an interesting year and while international news has mostly been doom and gloom, crypto performed exceptionally well.  From a low point in March 2020, where the Bitcoin price dropped to almost US$3,000 to the end of the year where it reached US$29,022. We also saw leaps and bounds in the development of regulations,  the Financial

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Why Vendor Due Diligence is critical in the CryptoCurrency industry?

Vendor due diligence is a critical part of any company’s operations, but in the Digital Asset or CryptoCurrency space, this takes on a whole new level of risk. Funds or companies using third parties, such as exchanges or custodians to store their assets, face significant risk due to the fact that the third party is in control of their private

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